Although the pandemic has left many of us feeling uncertain and scared at times, we have also learnt a lot from it. Social distancing has fast tracked technology in business with the majority of people working from home. We have realized that we can do with less, which has shown us how good ‘less’ is for the planet and our wallets.

The new work from home situation has required little to no attention to appearance. This less is more approach will give rise to a more natural beauty culture. Working from home meant no time investment in dressing up, make-up or hair styling. There was no access to hair and nail salons forcing most people to go back to a more natural look. We should find a minimalist trend in the months and years to follow the pandemic. With less makeup, less materialistic needs & low maintenance beauty regimes.

The world watched on wide eyed as nature fought back and it seems we are starting to open our eyes to a more environmentally friendly way of life. There is most likely to be heightened awareness with regards to how, what we do and use effects the environment, consumers will opt for ‘greener’ goods.

Most people have had a lot more time to research and investigate the products they are purchasing. We see a movement towards people following influencers with more professional knowledge as opposed to those who are pure personality with little knowledge on the content of their videos.

There will be a new standard of normal in beauty too with a less is more approach. We will see a massive growth in clean beauty – less chemicals and more organic plant based ingredients. Smart product formulation with fewer ingredients and simpler formulas that use targeted ingredients to build a more powerful formula.

COVID-19 shook the world out of its comfort zone, we now pay more attention to the safety of the products we are using. As there is still so much uncertainty with imports – whether it’s the unpredictability of getting the products or the uncertainty of the safety of how and where the products are produced – an increase in locally made products is inevitable with people more trusting of products manufactured locally.

The eyes of the world have been on large companies and their ability to cope and respond in crisis. We are less likely to support businesses that behaved unethically during the crisis. Companies that gave back and supported those in need in this time have enjoyed heighted sales and increased brand image on social media.

As we emerge into the unknown world post COVID-19 we see our new ‘normal’ arise. Let’s embrace the changes, progressively moving forward to a new better tomorrow.