Who is Beauty Intel?

Beauty Intel is a group of passionate women in the beauty industry working to create the best products for our customers. With 26 years of collective beauty industry knowledge between us we inspire to bring to you a brand of exceptional quality and an interpersonal experience.

Why did you start Beauty Intel?

Beauty Intel was started by a group of women with a passion for beauty. The brand was inspired by natural beauty, high performance ingredients with sustainability and all women in mind.

What do you hope to achieve with BI?

Our aim is to educate & inspire women across the globe.  We want to enhance natural beauty using high quality ingredients, yet keeping it simple and affordable by combining the best elements of nature with high performance and ethical ingredients.

What excites you about the world of beauty?

The most exciting thing about the beauty world today is the infinite array of choice and transformation. There is a place in the industry for everyone. It’s amazing to see the progression of the industry and how the world’s vision of beauty has evolved and adapted.

Why do you believe in empowering women?

In the decades long struggle for gender equality we as women are our own biggest advocates. To empower and enable women to follow their dreams and become business leaders and innovators is exciting! As women we need to see each other as collaborators not competitors.

Your passion about sustainability?

If Covid 19 has taught us anything, it’s that the earth needs us to focus of sustainable living. Our everyday lives should be more focused on sustainability, including the products we use in our skincare routines and makeup. We are striving to create products that are high performance yet ethical and sustainable.